Trion Studios not only produces the best in creative arts, we build positive change in peoples lives.

To maximize our profit, we attempt to maintain a disciplined approach to acquisition, production and distribution of projects by balancing our financial risks against the probability of commercial success for each project. A key element is to invest in or acquire films, television programs and production studios.


TRION strives to maintain a work environment that upholds the highest standards of business behavior. Our company values individuals who are ethical, work smart and share the dedication and passion that have made Trion the success it is today and are crucial for continued long-term success. The Trion Global Business Practices Statement and Supplier Compliance Policy affirm our commitment to these high standards.

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"When Our Body, Spirit, and Soul Gets Tired, Our Dreams Kick In."

Our mission is to create, produce, teach, distribute and feature awesome, wholesome, professional movies, television shows throughout the globe. Trion's motto is " We Stand On Our Work." Our work speaks for itself. Our track record is impeccable. Our accolades are long and highly respected within the entertainment industry. Our mission is to continue to strive and soar at this rapid speed and not only be labeled as the #1 Studio production house in the national, but to live up to that title and position.

Here at Trion Studio we believe in educating our young talented people. Our educational division Metro Film Institute serves as the farm to Trion's production team of crew members, executives, actors, and industry reps.



" A Dream Without Hard Work is Just a Dream."

Our vision is simple. Its to use our passion for filmmaking, television programming in ways that only we can. Our work ethic, study drive, creative thinking and execution gives us a timely edge on all of our competitors. Our vision is to go far beyond the norm, while delivering such great content for all walks of life. 

Trion Studio is one of the most sought after production team within the past 5 years. Trion has emerged as one of the leading production studio houses and we are so proud of it.

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