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What Were All About

Trion Film Institute champions the moving image as an art form. We believe in the revolutionary power of visual storytelling to share perspectives, inspire empathy and drive culture forward.

TFI is the nation’s nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring artists and audiences through initiatives that champion the past, present and future of the moving image.

TFI with having several national alumni's from The American Film Institute (Los Angeles) have adopted the world renowned curriculum and  filmmaker technique and training programs, sets us aside from any other film school and advances us to the front of the list.  TFI is very authentic. It has implemented the global curriculum into the high schools in GA and online global learning. Having implemented a 4 year program with students from 9 - 12th grade. These students will have the education, knowledge, union certifications in Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Producing, Production Design, Acting and Screenwriting, filmmaking business, budgets and more. In a collaborative production environment, TFI Fellows learn to master the art of storytelling

TFI’s other pioneering programs include year-round exhibitions, student film festival participation,  workshops aimed at increasing diversity in the storytelling community, including the TFI Directing Workshop for young girls and the Cinematography Intensive for student girls and boys.

As a nonprofit educational organization, TFI relies on the generous financial support from film enthusiasts like you to provide funding for its programs and initiatives. We respectfully and truly thank you in advance.

Black lives matter.

We stand in solidarity against the racism and social injustice in America today.

                             We pledge to further our national mandate -

                        and our ongoing commitment to do things right.

            To support the revolutionary power of visionary storytelling,

                             To share perspectives and inspire empathy,

                                             To drive culture forward.

                                        We can, must and will do better.



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TFI is a 501 c3 non - profit advancing the art of the moving image by empowering student storytellers and inspiring audiences