TFI students tackled one of the biggest challenges in high school history. They produced a film pilot project that drew the attention and interest from the executives at Lifetime network. During the 2020 school year the network representatives were eagerly, excited about the pilot the pilot they say from TFI students and were awaiting the completion of the project. TFI administrators and Lifetime reps were in discussion about the airing of the project on the Lifetime Movie Channel once completed.  THEN CAME COVID - 19

However 2021 the students are eager and excited to resume production and so are the representatives at the network. TFI will resume production in March of 2021.

Training Camp

CGI / Animation work is the driving force within the entertainment movie making industry today. Our students grasp at the opportunities daily to learn CGI / Animation strategies, comps, and mixes it within their film projects or production scenes.  Training Camp is one of the projects that the CGI / Animation department have produced.

Simply Me