Filmmaker / Producer Chris Donaldson

He's worked with some of the best actors, recording artist, producers, executives, casting managers in the industry. He now sits at the top of one of the most sought after production studios within this time.


They traveled from the west to the east coast together producing, filming, directing incredible projects. As a team they saw the same vision to build, teach and feature new talent and production teams throughout the country into the mainstream markets of the industry. When the untimely death of Legend actor, director, producer, writer Tommy M Ford happened many wonder will his visionary partner continue? " Tommy's death hit me like a ton of bricks. Each day still I wonder why, however I teach, direct, produce as if he was still at the helm and will always continue the vision and mission to build what we set out to build years and years ago. He directs from Heaven. "

One on One With Filmmaker Chris Donaldson

   Born and raised in the city he loves so much (Philadelphia) He started his career in music under management of his father. As a ASCAP writer / record producer for several artist under various labels, Chris Donaldson soared in the 90's with his music contributions earning him 4 platinum and 3 gold RIAA records. He's embarked on 2 world tours as the leading pianist / keyboard player for several Grammy Award winning artist.

    After an incredible 90's music career, Chris studied under movie industry legend John Singleton. He went on received is mainstream education in film and ventured down the road of filmmaking that has earned him several major festival awards, work with the likes of David Simon, George Lucas, John Singleton, Won Lee and networks such as; HBO, STARZ, CBS, BET, Lifetime and more. He's traveled to Nairobi Africa to give back each year to over 400 health stricken kids since 2004 with delivering goods, clothes and setting up art centers, educational labs and more since 2004. His colleagues has labeled him as the " Teaching Director ", the industry marks him as one of the top 19 cinematographers in the industry, With his pure humbled heart Chris Donaldson calls himself incredibly blessed and states " God continues to favor Me."


Chris Donaldson

CEO / Founder

Tyrone Tate

Director of Operations

Jill Saunders

Project Producer

Anesia Williamson

Production Coordinator

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